Porcelain Crowns

Because full crowns cover an entire tooth, they are a good solution for severe problems – a bad fracture, or an over sized filling. There are many different types of crowns which can be used to correct a wide range of problems. They’re durable and strong, so replacements are needed less often. The doctor will recommend the crown that meets your particular needs.

Your First Visit:
During this 1 – 2 hour visit, your tooth is prepared by removing enamel and dentin to allow room for the crown. You will be given anesthesia beforehand. After preparation, a mold will be made of your teeth and gums. You’ll wear a temporary crown when you leave the office.

Between Visits:
Be sure not to chew gum, and avoid hard or chewy candy. This is to protect the crown from coming loose. During the 1 to 3 weeks between visits, the laboratory uses the model made from the mold to custom-make your crown.

Your Second Visit:
It may take less than an hour to apply your crowns. We remove the temporary crown and fit the permanent crown onto your tooth. Cement is applied and the crown is positioned securely onto your tooth.